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Yeah! Super excited! My Flex Appeal Training Guides are ready!

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This will help you get fit at home, the gym, hotel, the dorm --- anywhere! Exercises can be done anywhere using only free weights in your own bodyweight. It's 190 pages loaded with step-by-step instructions to transform your body, my personal workouts, photographs, innovative exercises to get a strong, tight, FiT Body in 12 weeks or less! You will lose fat, get firmer legs, tighten your butt, flatten your midsection, sculpt your shoulders and arms.

These workouts are exactly what I do to stay in shape year round around my busy schedule. Upon purchase you can download it right away and get started! Access on your iPhone, tablet, PC, laptop or even print. Perfect to take with you to the gym or use at home, travel, college. All levels can do this!

I believe Fitness should be fun and give you energy not take it away.




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