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Workout: Better Butt, Back & Biceps

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Aloha! I had a GREAT workout today! I used all the Basic exercises and trained heavier than normal.  I did each exercise one immediatly after the other without rest in between sets.  Enjoy!

Circuit: Do 1 set of each movement 15 reps., move on to the next exercise. Beginners: Light weights 1 circuit.  Intermediate - Advanced: Heavier weights, 65% of your 1 rep. max. 2-3 circuits.

Butt: Plyometric Jumps: With feet together, jump up on to platform and back down 10 times

Back: Pull ups (do as many as you can, even if you can only do 1)

Biceps: Wide Grip EZ Curls

Butt: Barbell Squats

Back: Barbell Rows
Biceps:  Cable Rope Curls

Butt: Walking Lunges with Plates or Dumbbells

Back: 1 Arm Rows

Biceps: Close Grip Curls


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