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Why Working Out is Better than True Love

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Yes, you read that right 🙂  How come when you spend time with your "true love" you often feel the up / down of emotions: happy, sad, elated, irritated, excited, angry?  But spending time working out, you feel happier and better 100% of the time?

Why working out is better than true love

Here's why working out is better than true love <3

  1. I feel better and happier after I spend time with it 100% of the time
  2. It is reliable
  3. It doesn't mind if you bring friends along
  4. It makes me sweat all the time
  5. It loves kids & pets
  6. It asks for directions
  7. It doesn't care what you wear and likes it when you buy new things for it
  8. It gives me a better body
  9. It goes with me everywhere I want it to
  10. It has all different types wrapped into 1 (what I always thought would be great to create the ideal mate)
  11. It's always up for something new
  12. It encourages you to eat healthfully
  13. It likes if if you do something over and over again
  14. It challenges me mentally and physically
  15. It loves to travel
  16. It comes with feel good endorphins
  17. It helps me live longer
  18. It keeps me young
  19. It is fun!
  20. It makes me a better version of me 🙂
  21. Below are added from Facebook Fans 🙂
  22. It never stalks you (funny but true! Why didn't I think of that one!)
  23. It doesn't leave you with a big Visa Bill (ditto the above comment!)
  24. Working out relieves stress. True love causes stress.
  25. You can do it in public!
  26. It thinks dumbbells are good
  27. Any to add to the list? Please post in comments below ...

If you want to meet your True Love (aka Working out) you can meet it here 🙂 it's in my Online Gym.  I'll share with you.

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