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TOP 10 ITEMS I BUY AT BIG BOX FOOD STORES: Healthy options to have on hand in BIG quantities.

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Who really needs 10 lbs. of cereal? Not me. Here are the Top 10 Items I ALWAYS buy when I go to big box stores such as: Costco, Smart and Final.  They are convenient to have on hand and I don't mind buying larger quantities since I know my family and I will use them.

If you have healthy foods in the house, you'll eat them.

If you have junk foods in the house, you'll eat them.

  • Frozen Berries: to put in protein shakes and smoothies. Use instead of ice and to add anti oxidants and serving of fruit.
  • Salmon Filets: ideal to have in the freezer on those busy nights when you "don't know what to cook for dinner (or lunch.) Great source of omega fatty acids and protein.
  • Quick Cook Brown Rice: easy, 3 minute brown rice in pre packaged serving pouches. Brown rice usually takes 45 min. to make - this is a convenient option.
  • Natural fruit and nut trail mix - great topping for steel cut oatmeal or healthy snacks for adults and kids.
  • Greek Yogurt: the large size is great to have in the 'frig to use in place of mayo, sour cream; in sandwiches, salads, protein shakes.
  • Coconut Water: 2nd in hydration only to pure water. Love the taste and so good for you.
  • String Cheese: healthy protein for the kids and me 🙂
  • Edamame: pre packaged servings that you pop in the micro for 3 min. A yummy & simple, healthy protein side dish or snack.
  • Natural peanut butter: ingredients: peanuts. Tip: I pour the oil off the top before stirring.
  • Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Tangerines, Spinach: I always load up on the fresh fruits and ginormous bag of Spinach. I add spinach to sandwiches and chop to add to spaghetti sauce, use for salads of course and steam.
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