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Tips: What does Kiana eat?

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Kiana, the "Queen of Fitness," Entertainment Tonight.

If you're an avid follower of Kiana's Flex Appeal and Kiana's Fit Mom TV, you know that 80 million homes around the world and 100 countries visit our site(s).

We discovered from reviewing Google searches that thousands of you wanted to know "what does Kiana eat?"

Here is a breakdown of her daily meals.

3 scrambled egg whites
handful cheese
fresh fruit: pineapple or berries
1 slice rye toast
natural almond butter
caffe soy latte
2 glasses water

Fage Greek yogurt
handful trail mix

Grilled chicken breast sandwich with lettuce
2 glasses water
mini carrots

protein shake or
pita chips and celery with hummus
hard boiled egg

Poached salmon
brown rice
steamed spinach
2 glasses water
sometimes a glass of chardonnay or merlot

tiny piece dark chocolate 70% cocoa

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