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7 Simple Lifestyle Changes and Tips to Fight Food Addiction and Cravings

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When we think of addiction, we think of drugs and alcohol. We rarely think of food. I have received so many emails from people asking to address food addictions & cravings. Here are some useful tips that I hope will help you.

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Before I list the tips, I wanted to mention that above is the Kiana's Fit Cooking video for one of my healthier desserts: "Blueberry Brown Rice Pudding." It will satisfy your sweet tooth and contains good-for-you blueberries and brown rice. When I crave sweets, I'll make it!


Don't take even 1 bite or drink. You crave what you eat, change what you eat or drink and weaken those cravings and develop new ones.  The first few days are hardest, then the cravings really subside. You start to feel really proud of yourself and in control. The longer you avoid these trigger foods / drinks, the less likely you will want them at all.


Destroy and Conquer:

If you have a carton of ice cream, box of cookies, candy bars, liquor, wine, anything that you are addicted to and want to stop….Destroy it! I mean literally throw and break it, stomp on the cookies and crush them, break the bottles into the trash can! Conquer. You will feel in control!

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Drink 2-3 glasses of water. Sometimes we think we are hungry and we're really just thirsty.

Distract yourself.

Ever notice how time flies when you're on the computer, playing video games, reading a book, on FaceBook, Twitter, online shopping (okay the last one was probably just me)? Next time you feel a craving, distract yourself and divert  your attention with the above.

Stick It.

Gum. Chew a piece of sugar free gum. The sweetness will satisfy you and the gum will keep your mouth busy. Growing up, my parents used this Chinese phrase: "hum how," meaning "itchy mouth." It's funny because it means that "you're not really hungry, you just want something in you mouth." Alrighty then.

Get a sponsor.

I've heard that AA suggest people to have sponsors to talk them down from a craving or something like that. That would work for food cravings. Next time you feel the urge to splurge, call the designated supportive friend to talk you out of it. By the way.... Cravings usually last 10 min.


Studies show that regular exercise helps you make healthier choices!  You feel more positive, energetic and happy!  Did you know exercise has been called nature's prozac?  

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