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6 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings and 1 Key Food to Eat When You Crave Sugar

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6 ways to help fight sugar cravings: 

PROTEIN: Studies show that eating lean protein such as chicken, lean meat, turkey, eggs, helps fight the cravings for sugar. 

COLD TURKEY: Studies show it takes a minimum of 3 days to lose the craving.  Try and stop cold turkey style and in 3 days you cravings should be greatly reduced.

DISTRACT WITH CARDIO: Studies show that cardiovascular exercise such as jumping rope, helps reduce the appetite.  Plus you will feel more positive and productive having done something to improve your fitness level, why would you want to ruin it by eating sweets?

Healthier Sweet Treat Choices: Frozen berries and frozen bananas blended taste just like creamy sorbet.  Try sugar free cookies or candies but be sure and check the calorie content. 

Outsmart Yourself: Figure out the type of sweet eater you are: a "one bite and put it down" type or "take a bite and I'll eat the whole box" type of person. If you are the latter, do NOT take that first bite. Period.  Better yet, do NOT have any tempting foods in the house at all. If it's not there, you can't eat it! 

Stevia:  I use Stevia for all baking recipes and when I want my coffee or tea a little sweet.  It's sold in health food stores and sweetens everything from drinks to foods.  It is calorie free, aspartame free and is a natural herb supplement. 

Brief history:  Stevia is a plant found in Central and South America.  The Spanish found out about Stevia in the 16th century.  They used the leaves to counteract the bitter taste of their popular cultural drink.

Stevia is classified in the chrysanthemum family. It is now grown in over a dozen countries around the world and is used in China, Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, Israel, Paraguay, Malaysia, California, Canada and England. I use it in coffee, tea, on oatmeal.


Stevia is a natural plant extract, twice as sweet as sugar.




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