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Tips: How To: Create Your Own Home Gym

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As founder of "Kiana's Flex Appeal," one of the most popular show segments I created is "Home Gym" training. Viewers love to train in the convenience and privacy of their own home.
A home gym is simple and realistic to
create in any room in your home. And, it doesn't cost alot of money.
Many commercials and ads show expensive pieces of equipment. The truth is: a home gym that really works and gets you results doesn't cost alot of money.
If you are a busy person and money doesn't grow on trees, it makes sense to create your own home gym. You will save time. You will save valuable money.
Time: You won't have to drive to and from the gym. You can workout in short increments and reap the benefits. 20 minutes in the a.m., 20 minutes at night. The gym never closes. You can wear unmatched clothes and your old college sweats. You can wear a swimsuit (is that just me?)
Money: No dues. The only expenses are the initial purchase of minimal equipment.
How to make your own home gym.
  • Purchase a set of hand weights in 3-4 different weights. These are available at any local sporting goods store such as Dicks, Sports Chalet, etc. The highest weight should be 65% of your 1 rep. max. meaning if you can curl 40 lbs. 1 time, the highest weight should be 25 lbs. (40 lbs. x 65%.)
  • Women: 2.5-15 lbs.
  • Men: 15-35 lbs.
    Advanced: you probably already have a home gym and you know what weights you use.
  • Use a common chair or piano bench for dips and presses
  • Comfortable workout clothes and athletic shoes.
  • This is all the equipment you need to workout.



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