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Tips: Fit Angel vs. Fit Devil

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In movies, we see the "angel" and "devil" on the actor's shoulders, trying to persuade them what to do. I hear my Fit Angel and my Not so Fit Devil voices talking to me, especially when there is the last piece of uber rich, 7 layer chocolate cake on the plate at my favorite restaurant that is calling my name...

Here is the dialogue:

Fit Angel:  "Take 1 tiny bite or none. Only if it's 1 tiny bite. But, you know how you are, Kiana, sometimes you take 1 bite and then it's all over and you eat the whole piece and then you'll feel so guilty.You are making such great progress and are looking leaner and stronger. Don't take that first bite. Just get up, walk away from the cake and no one gets hurt."

Fit Devil: "Oh just eat it. You know you want it! It will be so sweet and gooey. You look great, don't be so vain. You can workout harder tomorrow. Eating is one of the pleasures in life. Sugar gets a bad rap. I think anyone on their deathbed wishes they'd have eaten MORE chocolate. Oh, just eat it already. Eat it!"

My inner dialogue is harsh. Funny, but true.

Here is what I do when I am tempted by contradicting signs.


1. Distraction: when you are tempted to eat something that you will regret, distract yourself. Any way, any how. Start a new conversation, put on lip gloss, people watch, have the waiter take the plate away, have your significant other eat it. Sometimes if I just look around the restaurant at the interesting people, I forget about it and the urge passes. I do the same thing with shopping. I put it on hold and if I am still obsessing about it 48 hours later, I'll buy it.


2. Out of site, out of mind: I don't keep junk food on the countertops, keep it out of site.  In my family, they eat what is out: I will keep bowls of healthy colorful fruit, multi grain crackers, almonds, trail mix and pita chips on the counter. In the refrigerator, I always have hummus, mini carrot sticks, low fat fage yogurt, string cheese and sliced apples in the front mid way between "adult and kid eye level."


3.  Vanity: if I am going to a dinner party, work related or red carpet event or reception, I'll eat a substantial healthy snack that includes lean protein and a little fat; such as some string cheese, a few slices of grilled chicken and a piece of fruit. I will eat something substantial to fill me up with nutritious foods. This way when I get to the party, I am full and not tempted to eat all the fattening appetizers.   On a vanity level (hey whatever works), if you aren't eating messy foods, you won't mess up your lipstick.

So, FIT Friends get a grip. Out smart that Fit Devil voice. Put the Fit Angel on a pedestal.


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