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5 Top Go-To Snacks

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Healthy snacking is important to keep your mood and energy levels even. Here are my 5 Go-To snacks:

1. Fruit - Nature's energy foods and they're pre-wrapped: super easy to put in my purse or gym bag or keep in my travel cool bag in the car. Gala is my first choice. Sweet and crunchy. Bananas, pears, oranges, tangerines. Love them all.

2. Trail Mix - I make my own or buy it in bulk at the health food stores. Just a handful will fix my hunger pangs and keep my body and mind working at top speed.

3.  Water- Most people don't drink enough water. If you find you're hungry, drink a bottle of water. It fills you up and hydrates.
4. Protein bars - I always have them tucked in my purse, gym bag, glove compartment, kid's backpacks. Tip: Make sure and buy the non-chocolate covered type if you're keeping it in your car to avoid a melty mess.

5. String cheese - easy to pop in my purse. Protein and fun to eat.


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