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Time Challenge

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Here is a "Time Challenge."  This is a fun way to get an extra workout in during the busy week. Share it with a friend and compare your times.

How long does this take you to do 2 rounds? 3 rounds? Post your time in the comments section, we'd love to see how you do!

How to do it:  Set a timer and see how long it takes you to do 2 rounds of the following exercises:

  • 5 Burpies: Level 1: walk out to plank only (no push ups) or knee push ups, then jump up. Level 2: Full Burpies: jump both feet out to plank, do push up, jump feet in then jump up to the sky.
  • 10 1 arm bent over rows 10 each arm.
  • 5 Squat jumps: Level 1: Mini squat with a little hop. Level 2: Deep squat and high jump up.
  • 10 Alternating Crab Kicks: Level 1: leg kicks only. Level 2: alt. touch opposite ankle. Tip: keep hips high, core tight, fingers toward your toes. Alternate kicking each leg, 2 kicks = 1 rep.
  • 5 Alternating Plank Rotations: Start in straight arm plank, core tight. Slowly rotate, balancing on 1 arm, keeping a slight bend in the elbow. Raise your opposite hand straight up so your body forms a sideways T. Repeat other arm. That is 1 rep.

Rest. Repeat 2 times.  How long did it take you?

3 Times?


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