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Stressed Out? Which is the Smarter Choice? Sweets or Booze?

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Are you stressed? Do you eat a ice cream out of the container? Grab a handful of cookies? Down a couple glasses of wine? 

Which is the smarter choice?

Remember this post is about the lesser of the 2 above options. You're best of the best is to go for a run and exercise to destress, but...

If you choose booze, you are making the smarter choice.

Why? Studies show that alcohol is the smarter nutrition option according to Janis Jibrin, R.D. "Alcohol may protect your heart and one drink won't damage your diet." she says.

Fizzy carbonated water in a pink wineglass or goblet

1 (one) 5 ounce glass of wine has only 125 calories vs. 1/2 cup chocolate fudge brownie ice cream has TWICE that.  And if you've ever measured ice cream 1/2 cup is a tiny amount, most of us serve more than that.

My advice is to figure out which you have the greater will power.  Which option: Sweet vs. Booze can you stop at 1?  

Can you eat a single serving of sweets and stop? Studies show that sweets trigger the brain into wanting more and more sugar. Can you drink 1 glass of wine and stop or do you keep filling it up? 

hot pink ice cream dessert

If you are the type that after having a glass of wine you eat junk food (or can't stop at 1 glass), it is counter productive and you're better off with a 150 calorie sweet treat.

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