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Summer Shape Up Series / Start Now in 3 Easy Steps

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Aloha! Today is Thursday - 04/21/11

Hi Everyone! Hope this reaches you in good health and spirits!

Well, swimsuit / bikini season is coming up fast! Every year at this time I put my foot on the fitness pedal and focus on really getting into swimsuit shape - fast! As a busy fit mom of 2 young children, running a business, pitching TV shows, inventing fitness products, taking care of the family (and 2 huge dogs, the household...I don't have 1 minute to spare. I use all of my short cuts and 20+ years of tricks to get into bikini shape fast! I thought, what a great opportunity to jot down exactly what I do every day and share it with you so you can GET INTO SWIMSUIT SHAPE WITH ME!

I hope you will try my fast fit exercises, healthy recipes, tips to lose fat, get lean and get swimsuit ready with me! As I've instructed on Kiana's Flex Appeal for years, you have to hit it hard from 3 directions: Cardiovascular Exercise Nutrition / Strength Exercises


STEP 1: Step up the cardiovascular exercise. We have to burn more calories than we consume to shed excess body fat. Tomorrow, I will be running. I L-O-V-E running and love the endorphin rush! I will increase the amount of time I run to 60 minutes, run faster and push myself harder. How about you?

STEP 2: Watch your mouth. The trick is to eat nutrient dense foods. Don't waste your calories by eating "empty" calories. We've got to watch what we eat now, more than ever. By doing more cardio. AND eating less calories (but nutrient dense calories) we will lean out, fast! Make sure and eat a healthy breakfast and eat a Mini Meal every few hours. Have lean protein with every meal, it helps curb sweet cravings. Tomorrow I will hard boil 1 dozen eggs for easy protein. Stick to water - no sodas. If you drink juice, mix it 50/50 with water to reduce calories and sugar. Drink lots of water to flush toxins from your body. Pack healthy snacks in your gym bag, car, office desk, back pack, purse....I love pre - packaged trail mix and almonds, protein bars and delicious, fresh fruit (nature's pre-wrapped dessert!)

STEP 3: Strength Train. When I want to lean out, I lift heavier and harder. I find that by increasing the amount of muscle I have, my body feels and looks much leaner. I do alot of power lifting moves and basic strength training exercises such as: squats, lunges, deadlifts, chest presses, pull ups, push ups, rows, shoulder presses, dips and curls. Because the abs are center to your body, it's imperative to do some sort of core / ab work everytime you train. Tomorrow, I will be running at the beach, so I will be doing knee raises on the pull up bars and plank / core work on the sand.

How about YOU? Let me know what you will be doing tomorrow to start your SHAPE UP FOR SUMMER WORKOUT! Post your workouts and pictures on my FaceBook or FaceBook Fan Page (if the main page is full). I will put the photos on my websites! Please tell me (and millions of others around the world) what you will be doing for your workouts tomorrow. Write it in the comments section below or on my FaceBook pages. Stay Fit!

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