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2 Ways to Get in the Best Shape, Feel Energetic, Young and Fit

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 1. Meal Planning

Every Sunday, I make a Meal Plan for the entire week. It's a cost effective way to get all the groceries you need, double use many of them and use left overs from one meal to the next (think slow roasted lean turkey one night and turkey pot pie the next.)

Save time and money.

We all know how costly and time consuming it is to buy each meal's groceries the same day.  Every week, I make a Meal Plan that include my healthy recipes and some I like from the internet. The Meal Plans are guidelines to help you and you are able to see exactly what I am eating each week.  You will be able to drag and drop my recipes and browse thousands of other recipes that can easily be added or removed to your Meal Plans.  If you are interested in this, please click here for details on PRO Membership.

Pantry Raid.

Go shopping and follow my Fit Kitchen Shopping List

PRO Members will be able to access my Super Fit Kitchen Shopping List to really start fresh and fit.  I recommend tossing out all your junk food and unhealthy items and stock up with my hand picked items: from Super Power veggies, clean and lean protein and slow burn carbohydrates, to low sodium spices and good for you coconut oils.  It's my ultimate shopping list.

PRO Members can also access my ever growing exclusive collection of Healthy Hawaiian Recipes and Personal Family Recipes that I have modified to be lower in fat & sugar, but higher in lean protein and vegetables. 

Sunday: Get your Fit Kitchen Set Up for the Week

Every Sunday I plan my Meals.  I drag and drop recipes, click to create a grocery list and go to the grocery store.  I also chop veggies and prep by putting chopped veggies in air tight containers for easy grab and add to salads and dishes.  I will print and post the Meal Plan on the refrigerator because my family has special meals they look forward to, such as Taco Tuesday! (Extra lean ground turkey, extra lettuce and low sodium home made taco seasoning of course! 🙂

2.  Log in. Get fit. Kiana's Virtual Online Gym

Enjoy #1 Rated, Award Winning, Expert Fitness with the click of your finger.

To be in the very best shape at any level or any age, you must workout at least 3 days per week.  Better yet, 5 days per week.  I recommend either working out with my live online MWF or watching a recorded workout when it's convenient.  People are losing an average of 8 lbs. in only 8 classes.

Who can do the workouts?

You can! I have all ages: 16-60 in the classes, beginners to 10x Iron Man triathletes!  Men and women.  Police Women, Fire Fighters, Nurses, Students, SAHM (Stay at Home Moms), Lawyers, Teachers, Actresses, Models... You WILL Fit in!

What can I expect?

Expect to feel like you are in the class with me and everyone else. I will speak to you as if you are there. It's the best Virtual Online Gym! Join us! 

LIVE Fitness classes are streamed for free, so everyone can enjoy expert fitness online.  We have 130 countries tuning in to watch and workout; men and women, all ages and all levels.  I explain exercise modifications (options of the exercises) so all levels can participate. 

Can't make a live class?

Sign up for a PRO Membership and watch it anytime. Plus PRO Members can access 100's of hours of fitness videos, exercise tutorials, tips and other exclusive Members Only content. As a new feature, this is limited to 1000 members during the Beta testing period.  As a Beta member, your monthly rate will never go up.  All we ask is for your feedback to help us make this the #1 Online Gym Membership just as Kiana created the #1 rated fitness show of all time, "Kiana's Flex Appeal" ESPN airing in 80 million homes worldwide.

Get information or sign up to be a PRO Member here. 

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