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Going Out to Dinner This Weekend? Here are My Healthy Choices at 5 Types of Restaurants: American, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Seafood.

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I'm often asked what I eat to stay lean and fit. Eating out can push you off the Fitness Wagon if you don't order your meals in the healthiest way. Here are some of my favorite meals I order at various types of restaurants. Hope this helps you! Eat for health, energy and fun!

1. American: Grilled, skinless chicken breast. Grilled plain, little olive oil. Pick your favorite sauce / dressing (barbecue sauce, lemon, ranch, oil and vinegar, marinara) and put it on the side, dipping you fork into the dressing instead of pouring it all over the meal. Side of brown rice and steamed veggies (plain, no sauce or butter.)

2. Seafood: Grilled, Seared or Poached: Salmon, Swordfish, Halibut or Ahi, side of lemon. Asparagus, side salad.

3. Japanese: Ahi, Salmon, Halibut, sashimi and/or sushi and order edamame (soybeans) and cucumber salad.

4. Mexican: Soft Corn Tortilla Chicken Tacos, Burrito or Fajitas. Side of black beans, light cheese, 2 helpings of greens (lettuce, spinach, cilantro) extra spicy hot salsa. No chips, I order steamed corn tortillas asap.

5. Chinese: Steamed white meat chicken & veggies, brown rice. No fried noodles, no egg rolls or fried orangechicken.


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