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15 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

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Motivate!!!!!  Motivate!!!!!  Motivate!!!!!

Kiana Tom Bikini Photos 20 Years apart

Fitness helps you stay youthful and healthy. These 2 photos were taken 20 years apart. The photo on the right was 6 weeks after the birth of Kiana's daughter.


Simple ways to motivate yourself to workout regularly

Kiana Tom

Just do it? How about Just DID it!  It's motivating to feel accomplished. Productive. Knowing you did something healthy for yourself.

Kiana Tom mom at beach

Do it because you will be a better you.  I know that I am much more patient, happy, productive person and mom when I workout. I'm a better parent. Better wife. Better businesswoman. Better friend. Better daughter. Better pet owner 🙂

Kiana Tom working out in her bedroom

Workout 1st thing in the morning.  So here I am doing Squat Kicks in my bedroom. I will get up and do 15 on each leg, 15 push ups, 15 knee ups, 15 curls and go. This has always worked for me, even when I was doing the news at 6am.  Get up and get some type of exercise in as soon as you get up.  Even if it's for 15 minutes. Do something. It helps set the tone for the entire day and makes making healthy choices much easier.  Try and be active within the first 15 minutes of waking up. Yes. Sex counts. 🙂 Hehehe

Kiana Tom training with a fit mom friend

Make a Fitness Date: Plan to meet your spouse or a friend at the gym, at the park or beach to go for a jog.  The fact that someone else is going to meet you will motivate you to show up.  I workout with my Fit Moms every MWF at 9:30am pst. Sure, many times I'm tired, but because I know they are counting on me I ALWAYS SHOW UP.

Kiana Tom

Hire a trainer. This is truly the short cut to fitness. Having someone take the time to plan your workout for you, helping you stay on track, showing you exactly what to do gives you a definite advantage to getting in shape the fastest. Most trainers cost anywhere from $100+++ / hour depending upon where you live and their qualifications. My rate for personal training is $900 for a Transformation and I only take a very limited number of clients whom I know are totally committed to make a change mentally and physically. Make sure the Trainer you hire is qualified and looks the part: What are their qualifications? Background? Are they fit themselves? Do they take pride in what they do? Are they on their phone texting when they should be helping you? Do they plan a specific routine to help you achieve your unique fitness goals?

Kiana Tom Bikini Photos 20 Years apart

Do it because Fitness is Truly the Fountain of Youth.  Have you ever been to a class reunion and seen a former classmate who didn't exercise regularly? As you age, you lose muscle. Strength training builds lean muscle. Lean muscle helps burn body fat. Having a strong body helps prevents many age related injuries. Who's in?????

Kiana Tom

Post a photo of yourself or someone you admire on your refrigerator or as your smart phone wall paper. I can't tell you how many 1000's of times people have told me "Kiana, your picture is hanging on my refrigerator! You are my screen saver! Your photo is hanging in my Home gym! Your posters are in my gym!"  Something as simple as a photo can remind you and motivate you to be your best.

Kiana Tom

Plan your workout.  This really works for me. Every night, I take about 15 minutes to pre plan my workout.  (If you're an E-GYM MEMBER, I'm planing your workout for you, because you get a different workout each and every time!) As you do at work, with your budget, at the grocery store... make a plan and stick to it. Decide what muscle groups you want to train. Ask yourself what areas of your body do you need the most improvement? Do those exercises first and most often.

Kiana Tom

Focus on how you FEEL. Focus on the mental and mood benefits and the physical benefits will come.  100% of the time, I feel 100% better after I workout. That keeps me motivated.  Addicted to Endorphines.  Addicted to physical exhaustion.

Kiana Tom daughter chin ups

Do it because it influences your kids to be healthier.  My daughters see me working out and they want to do it too 🙂 That makes me sooooo happy.  "Look how many chin ups I can do, Mommy!" "I love broccoli!" "This kid at school ate candy for lunch, isn't that sad?" Love it.  Seems my kids see and hear everything. I want them to see MOMMY BEING HEALTH AND FIT .


Do it because you'll sleep better. Ditch the sleeping pills. Actually fall asleep because you're physically exhausted. Sleep like a rock. Wake up and workout and love feeling refreshed, clean and healthy.

Kiana Tom flex appeal

Change up your workouts.  I never do the same workout twice in a row. By changing your workouts, you keep your muscles guessing and get in shape faster. It's that simple. Besides, it's much more FUN to do a new exercise and new workout each time! It's boring to do the same routine over and over.

Kiana Tom Online Workouts

Train with ME online. This is the fitness wave of the future. Now you can LOG ON and GET FIT with me. There are so many workout videos on YouTube, Daily Motion, Roku, Hulu.  It makes it so easy to get exercise ideas and stay motivated.  On Kiana's Flex Appeal, my main goal is to motivate even 1 person to hit the gym and be healthier.  Guess it worked because we quickly became the #1 rated show airing in 80 million homes in 100 countries after only 1 week of airing.  I recently launched Kiana's eGym, the premier virtual gym: Members can take my LIVE! Online fitness classes, watch 100's of recorded workouts, stream unlimited videos from ANY device, from ANYWHERE in the world.  Details:

Kiana Tom Fit Food Appetizers

Do it because you'll have more freedom to eat the foods you love. And you'll be more likely to choose healthier foods the longer you train.  On Kiana's Flex Appeal, I discussed my Cheat Day method: I eat super healthy 6 days per week and whatever I want on the 7th day. This worked for me and still does. It keeps me from craving or feeling deprived. After all, food is one of life's pleasures 🙂

Kiana Tom Beac

Hope these helped you! I'd love to hear any Motivation Tips you have? Please share with everyone! I will be adding to this list and I think of them! XO Kiana

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