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Lose 8 lbs. in 8 Classes!

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Sign up & get started! Can you do 8 classes in a row?
What have you got to lose except fat and lbs?


Starting Fall 2013, LIVE Workouts will start at 9:30 am pst.


Lose weight & feel amazing!

We want to introduce you to our free online fitness classes.  Enter the 8 Class Challenge to lose weight and feel amazing!

Clients are losing an average of 10 lbs. in as little as 8 workouts! 

  • Free expert, award winning, television quality fitness instruction.
  • Classes use minimal gear such as hand weights. Or get Premium Gear.
  • All levels can do this!  Exercise modifications offered for all fitness levels.

Click "LIKE" & post YOUR COMMITMENT to the 8 Class Challenge on our Facebook page!

After every workout, post how you did in the class and how you feel.  This way, you are held accountable, others see your commitment and share your enthusiasm.  We want to help you!


Go to our Facebook page and post a comment telling us that you are Signing Up for the 8 Class Challenge! 


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“Lose 8 lbs. in 8 Classes!”

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