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Kiana’s Top 5 Dinner Choices at Restaurants

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Do I cook? Well, I make really great ... reservations.

I get alot of questions asking me what you should order at restaurants. Many people think that it will ruin your healthy eating. It doesn't. You just have to know what to order, and how to order it.

Top 5 Dinner Choices:

I only order the protein portion of the meal prepared: grilled, baked, poached or seared.

  1. Grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, brown rice, side salad. Ask for the salad first with dressing on the side. Dip your fork in the salad before each bite, instead of pouring it all over your salad. Drink tall glass of cool water before your meal.
  2. Poached or Grilled Salmon, steamed green beans, side salad. If bread is served, I'll have the squaw bread or similar, usually eating mostly crust.
  3. Seared Ahi Tuna, brown rice, steamed edamame, cucumber salad.
  4. Arugula Salad with Grilled Chicken added. (or your favorite salad, add chicken.) Dressing on the side.
  5. Lean steak, steamed asparagus, side salad (first).

Most of my meals have more vegetables and salad, less protein and carbs. I always drink a big glass of water before every meal and before I drink any other beverage at all.

Hope these tips help you! Happy Eating! 🙂


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