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5 Things You Need to Get in Shape Fast, Safely with Results that LAST~!

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1.  Professionally structured, regular workouts & motivation: provided for you in the Online Gym here
2.  Food planning and guides: included in the Online Gym here
3.  Home Fitness Gear: recommended gear to fit all budgets in the Gear Shop here
4.  Supplements (recommended but optional) see below.

I have led millions of people around the world toward a lifestyle of health and fitness on "Kiana's Flex Appeal" ESPN the #1 rated fitness show in the history of the network. I am excited to help you too!  For starters, there is no magic pill (although I am working on it).  You must exercise regularly, choose healthy foods and be kind to yourself.


I have been in top shape before, during and after having kids.  I believe in safe fitness that lasts.  We all know the Biggest Loser stories, people lose weight fast and put it back on and then some.

As a busy working mom of 2 young children, I don't like to waste time, so I developed challenging, time efficient workouts to maximize your time while getting you safe, fast results - that last.

The best workouts are challenging and fun, professionally designed fitness programs. I can provide this for you in my New Online Gym.

People are losing an average of 8lbs. in 8 classes!

Expert Strength Training.  Interval Workouts. Made Simple.

In addition to healthy eating, getting supplements and food accessories, try out my New PRO Online Gym.  Get expert workouts, take online fitness classes and be part of my supportive fitness community.



Home Gym Gear & Equipment:

Get the most out of your workouts and follow along with my Live Workouts with recommended home fitness gear here.


  • Vitamins (there are men's and women's options. Whole Food vitamins are food, they can be taken on an empty stomach.  Gummies for people who don't like to swallow pills.)

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Essential Fatty Acids

    • Creatine: keeps you energized for the workouts and strength training

Protein Powders:

  • Protein Powder: vanilla is the most versatile to blend with fruit / tart / sweet but Chocolate is like a healthy dessert milk shake 🙂 Decisions. Decisions. Check out my Protein Shakes and Smoothie Recipes.  I've been called the Fitness Queen by EXTRA and the Smoothie Queen at home!

Food Accessories:

  • Food Accessories (optional but helpful): unique water bottles are helpful, scales, healthy lunch boxes, on the go blenders.  Pack the lunch boxes with my healthy recipes meals.


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