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Which one looks most like me? Kiana Jr. (Top) or Anelalani (bottom). So happy I have daughters! "The prettiest girls are the ones who are comfortable with themselves." My advice to my 8th grader who is over worried about what to wear to the big school dance and how she'll look. I told her she would look beautiful in a T-shirt and jeans you don't need to keep up with everyone else. If everybody looked the same it would be boring. You're unique. Beautiful as you. That's what my mom told me when I was would cry as a little girl that I wasn't blonde and blue-eyed like every other girl in my school.-When I had my first child I thought it was so shocking to take home this little amazing innocent beautiful baby without any sort of instruction manual!? No booklet or DVD? Yet they make you take a test to drive a car. They make you take a test to teach students. Yet you can be responsible for somebody's life without any kind of test or instructions at all.-#KianaTom #kiana #Snapchat #filter #purple #flowers #love #lovemykids #parenting #nohowtovideo #lovemykids #daughters #care #happy #mommymoment

Kiana Instagram Post

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