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Why Kiana Don’t Camp. Advice Needed for 1st Family Camping Trip

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Don't laugh. Don't judge. But I've never been camping. Had absolutely no desire too. From what I hear, I am not alone. It's not that I don't like to get dirty or sweaty. I just like to know that at the end of the day I have a hot shower and comfy bed to sleep in. Sans bugs.


I grew up in a family where celeb penthouse suites and room service were the norm. Camping was not having a suite. Guess it's because my father Layne Tom, Jr. (child actor star from the original Charlie Chan Series with 20th Century Fox and USC only-child-syndrome - did not like to be dirty or around bugs. Clean apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess.)  We grew up wiping off the wipes before we used them.  Howard Hughes looked like a germ filled mess.


He was in lots of movies with Shirley Temple and old time actors like Dorothy Lamour and John Hall.  Dad still loves the best suites and name dropping how "we stayed in Frank Sinatra's suite, Elvis' Suite" blah blah blah. Fit Mom SIde note: As kids, Mom and Dad often got us loads of 7 layer chocolate cake to wash down with strawberry soda. Can't believe I survived that sugar OD. Yikes! Click here to read more about Charlie Chan Series / Layne Tom Jr.

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Nonetheless, I do know that being married to a Fire Fighter Chief Hubby means camping is in their genetics. I did however, clearly state during our courtship that "Kiana don't camp."  I even added it in fine print in our wedding license.


Now with my loving little kids begging me, "can't we just try it Mommy?!" I am crossing the line and agreed to go camping because I don't want to prevent them from experiencing something they will most likely love and a potentially fun part of family life. (PS I said no laughing.)

Any suggestions for me? Perhaps things to bring, what to do and not to do?

Here is insight to what is in my Fit Mom mind:



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