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I was interviewed for a Turkish Magazine earlier this week. I love the fact that through my hosting Kiana's Flex Appeal I am able to touch people's lives all over the world. The editor asked some terrific questions and I thought you might be interested in reading the interview 🙂

kiana tom interview turkish magazine

Kiana Tom interview Turkish Magazine

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Kiana Tom Interview

Dear Kiana, thank you for accepting our interview request. In our first issue we have had a page about you. Our readers found your life story very interesting. Let’s start from the beginning. Can you tell us little bir about your fitness modeling career.

Kiana Tom

Sure! Let me first start off by saying thank you for requesting an interview. I am proud to have reached millions of viewers around the world in 100 countries over the years by Hosting “Kiana’s Flex Appeal.” In the USA, my show airs on ESPN, what channel where you live? It’s exciting that Kiana’s Flex Appeal is the #1 rated fitness show in the history of the network; reruns are still airing around the globe.

Kiana Tom
I started off as a swimsuit model as a way to earn money to help pay for college.  Everyone in Los Angeles, CA is blonde and blue eyed. I quickly found my nitch as a Hawaiian swimsuit model “with benefits.” 🙂 Meaning: I could do ANY sport they asked me to do; race bikes, snow ski, street luge, horseback ride, ride motorcycles, you name it. All that PLUS wear a swimsuit.

Kiana Tom
I became known as THE Athletic Swimsuit Model.  I have appeared on and in thousands of television commercials, magazine covers, editorials, interviews, calendars, photographs. My 1st cover was Bicycling Magazine Cover where I rode a racing bike, full speed- straight at the camera. Having toe clips on thatattached my shoes to the bike made it a bit scary.

Kiana Tom

I also interviewed X Games athletes while street luging 40 mph down a body length skateboard without brakes!? (You used your feet ala Fred Flintstone to stop - boy my feet got hot!) I carved my nitch in the health and fitness swimsuit modeling arena even tighter by not modeling for any cigarette or alcohol related companies. After print and magazine modeling, I decided to try out for television.

Kiana Tom
I went on to audition and get the job on a television show called “BodyShaping” as a cast member. My only job back then was to count the reps on camera. I was so nervous~!  They used to call me “squeaky” because my voice squeaked because I was so nervous. Boy that is long gone! They cannot keep my quiet now!

Kiana Tom
I spent my free time, lunch hour and breaks in the production truck completely fascinated by the behind the scenes / technical aspects of the show. I learned about directing, multi camera shoots, dialys, audio mixing, live cutting, pans, zooms, close ups, etc. I quickly knew I wanted my own show.   I loved everything about television and fitness.  I was on a Mission!

Kiana Tom
This month’s theme of our magazine is “Leadership”. You created an amazing fitness series on ESPN which was a huge success. Where did you come with the idea? And how did your leadership skills helped you during the series?

Leadership is innate. I don’t think you can be taught to be a leader. This is good because every leader needs followers to lead 🙂 I come from a long family tree of powerful, focused and driven women. All of the women in my family are natural born LEADERS.

As a result of my passion for healthy living and the drive to create a new television show, I created and wrote my very own fitness series, “Kiana’s Flex Appeal” a lifestyle health and fitness show geared toward helping people live a healthier life. My goal was simple.

Kiana Tom

I wanted people to learn “1 new exercise or 1 new health tip” to improve their current lifestyle from every show.  I wanted my show to appeal to all ages and fitness levels.  I pitched Kiana’s Flex Appeal to ESPN, they loved the concept and the show idea.


After only 1 week of airing, Kiana’s Flex Appeal achieved the “highest ratings in the history of the network” after only 1 week of airing. I am proud to have motivated millions and millions of television viewers around the globe toward a lifestyle of healthier living. 🙂

Kiana Tom
After having an amazing TV career, you are a huge entrepreneur now with FitMomTV. What is your goal in FitMomTV. How can your Turkish fans interact with you there?

Kiana Tom
Turkish fans - and anyone around the world can find me online! That's the wonderful thing about the internet vs. television, you can watch 24/7.  Come to my website and and you can workout with my online in a virtual fitness class. I offer LIVE Streaming Workouts every MWF 9am ps on the websites. All LIVE Classes are FREE and offered for 12 hours after the live broadcast to accomodate viewers in different time zones and work schedules.

Kiana Tom

The exercises can be done using your own body weight and / or weights. You can also order premium gear in the online store:  All levels can do the exercises, I explain modifications for beginners to advanced levels.

Kiana Tom

My goal with Fit Mom TV is to motivate and help women and busy moms around the world get their “pre-kid body back...or better!” As busy moms, we take care of the families needs first and put our needs last.  I believe that we must carve out time to get in a workout first thing in the morning. Regular exercise not only helps you lose weight and sculpt a better body, but you become more patient, less stressed and more balanced. Plus, you have much more energy and more feel good emotions.

“Exercise is nature’s fountain of youth and nature’s anti depressant.” Kiana.
Turkish fans can visit my websites: and I am really excited because my new websites will be finished the beginning of June 🙂 Please be sure and visit me and join my email list for priority notice!

Kiana Tom
One of the main reasons I created Fit Mom TV online is to reach more people worldwide. I want people to feel as if they are training along with me in the largest online fitness class on the planet.

Kiana Tom
We see that on, you are not only giving people best exercises but also you have some amazing health and diet advices. Do you think that without diet it is impossible to be healthy?

Regular exercise and a balanced, nutrient dense diet go hand in hand. One cannot survive without the other. I believe in moderation. No fad diets. No gimmicks. Just like I teach my children: eat clean and healthy for 6 days and enjoy what foods you want on the 7th.

Kiana Tom

This way you still enjoy the foods you love but aren’t eating junk food consistent. Interestingly, after eating healthfully and clean for a couple of weeks, you don’t crave the junky foods. It takes 21 days for a habit to stick. Try it 🙂

As a mother of two, what do you suggest our women readers before and after their pregnancy?

First and foremost consult with your physician because everyone’s pregnancy  and fitness levels are different.  I worked out until my 7th month and then did lots of walking right afterward.  The main thing is to listen to your doctor, hydrate, eat as close to nature as possible, do a lot of walking and enjoy your pregnancy - it’s such a wonderful gift 🙂 Pregnancy is not the time to try a new high impact sport.

Kiana Tom
What is your motivation in business? How do you motivate yourself?

I come from a long line of very strong, determined women. I think it’s in my genes. I am happiest when I am challenged and when I am working.  I am extremely creative and come up with thousands of new ideas every month. The best ideas come to me when I am jogging on the beach and step away from my work to let my subconscious take over.

Kiana Tom
Is your family a big influence in your business life?

They influence me every second! It is so very important for me to teach my kids about healthy living. Ironically, after being a role model to millions of television viewers around the world and having so many people watch what I eat, what I do.. I now have 2 little people watching my every move.

Believe me, kids see everything and speak up.  I am proud that my youngest daughter who is 6 years old prefers fresh fruit over any dessert. My 10 year old has 3 helpings of salad as long as it has my “Magic Hawaiian Salad Dressing!” Want the recipe? Check out Kiana’s 60 Recipes eBook.

What do you suggest to young entrepreneurs to do when they start a business?

Great question.

  1. Never, ever take no for an answer. Every “no” is one step closer to a yes. I love it when I hear NO, it just makes me feel “I’ll show you!”
  2. Stay away from “Dream Squashers.”  You know the type; you have a great idea and they tell you all the reasons why it won’t work. RUN! Instead, surround yourself with people who give you energy, people who cultivate your passion and enthusiasm, those who offer constructive ideas and support.  Resist the urge to tell Dream Squashers anything. Period.
  3. Use your contacts. Ask around. It’s amazing how a casual question can open a path to the perfect contact.
  4. Follow your passion. I have been very lucky to work in an industry that I truly love with all my heart and soul. You will find it. You will know you found it when you could work on it for hours on end and it gives you energy!
  5. Be determined and gently aggressive. Don’t wait for the phone to ring. Make the call.

Kiana Tom
Thank you for being in our magazine. It is been an honor.
My pleasure 🙂 Aloha!

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