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3 Great Exercises for your core, legs, butt

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Challenge your body by making it work harder than with traditional free weights or dumbbells. 

"When you train with my Hula Balls, you have to use the muscles in your upper chest, shoulders, arms & core to hold the ball in place.  And, when you do my off balance exercises, you strengthen the core fast! You can do an endless number of compound moves to get in shape faster by incorporating multiple muscle groups at the same time. The padded balls offer versatility for staggered push ups and plank, mountain climbers, chest press and so much more." Kiana.

3 Great Moves for your legs, butt and core!


With a wide stance and knees bent, use an over hand position to roll the ball from side to side. Keep you abs tight throughout, exhaling as you pull the ball to each side. 15 reps each side.

Hula Ball Core & Butt Pass


Place one hand on the ball, abs tight, hips in line with your shoulders. Hold 10 seconds and switch to the other side.

Hula Ball Plank for sexy shoulders and tight abs


With feet together and knees slightly bent, Hold the Hula Ball on one shoulder, shoulders back and down, abs & core tight. Step back so that your front leg is at 90 degree angle, knee directly over the foot. Lower the back knee to the floor. Exhale as you return to starting position. 15 reps each side.

Hula Ball off set lunges for strong legs and a firm butt


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