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How to Get Super Fit & Home

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The hardest part about working out at home is:

  • following a well planned, structured routine designed to get results
  • training regularly and giving 100% each time
  • staying focused, not getting distracted

I created the popular Home Gym Workouts on my show, Kiana's Flex Appeal.  With the help of the internet, you can workout with me online, right in your own home!

I can help you with all 3!  Here's how:

  • I will show you exactly what to do:  All you have to do is follow along with the class schedule: MWF classes. You can do it live or watch the recorded version anytime later that day.  The majority of our members use the service this way.
  • keep you accountable:  Because you are training MWF, you know your schedule, you do the workouts and post on my Fitness Community Facebook page and get support from me personally 🙂
  • and help you stay focused: You will be following my class, I will speak to you and the group, it's just like you are here with me in person training along. You can do this!

Simply sign up for a FREE TRIAL in my new Online Gym and follow my MWF workouts live or recorded classes.  Most Members do the workout when they come home from work.  By following the MWF schedule, you will stay on a regular workout routine and get my creative, full body workouts that are different for every class.

The only gear you need are weights.  Sometimes, we'll use a jump rope, slam ball or fitness bench. But if you don't have those, I always show you how to do the exercises without.

For a limited time, take $5 off the monthly membership (Only $9.95 / mo instead of $14.95 / mo with code: KIANAFB5).  Click here to sign up and use coupon.


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