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The Real Trick to Staying in Shape is…

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I created Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN and one of the most popular workout segments on the show is Home Gym Training. Why? Because everyone can do it and everyone can benefit from having a gym in their own home.

Having a Home Gym is the real trick to staying in shape year round.


1) Convenience, you can train anytime, the gym is always open 24/7.
2) Save time and $ by not driving to and from the gym or paying gym fees.
3) Get more done in less time, you don't have to wait in line to do you set!
4) You can do a workout anytime, do chest and shoulders in the morning and do legs at night
5) I lead Online Workouts that you can follow along to in your home gym using free weights, your own body weight.

WHAT GEAR DO I NEED TO SET UP MY OWN HOME GYM? The gear you need to set up you own home gym is simple. The following items are in order. Start with #1 and add as you can.

#1. PROFESSIONAL HOME GYM MAT: The better your equipment and gear, the better your workout-mentally and physically. GET A GOOD MAT. You cannot use a yoga mat, it folds and you can trip. There isn't any padding for your knees. Training on the carpet does not provide a professional feeling at all, it's dusty and just 😛 ew. I highly recommend getting my Kiana Fitness Mat, it's a padded, professional mat that provides cushion for your joints and a durable surface for any type of exercise, it has performance, high quality sports foam, and the durable vinyl surface. It rolls up to store in your closet or under the bed, it's the one I personally use and recommend to everyone. 10 year warranty. Use in your home, traveling or even perfect for mobile trainers.

kiana-mats-kneeling-449x600_large kiana-mat-black-hold-upright-449_large

The Flexi-Roll® feature makes use and storage easy. Just unroll anywhere and you have your own training area. Roll the mat up and shove it under your bed, in your closet or just toss it in your trunk for on the go training sessions. Top of the line protection for your joints for any workout you can dish out.

Black Mat
Hot Pink Mat

#2: JUMP ROPE: the only jump rope I use is a weighted rope. It adds just enough resistance and shreds your shoulders and arms while blasting fat and calories. Get one here


#3: WEIGHTS: Go to the local sporting goods store. Women get 2.5, 5, 8 lbs. as you get stronger add 10, 12 and 15 lbs. Men get 10, 15, 20, 25 lbs as you get stronger, add 30, 35 lbs. Or buy here

#4: FITNESS BENCH: A fitness bench adds versatility so you can do a wider variety of exercises. I recommend a Flat Bench or better yet, an Adjustable Bench here


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