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Recipes: Egg White French Toast Finger Dippers

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French toast is so yummy but so fattening: butter, white bread, syrup, whole eggs. Here is my Fit Mom version and it's fun for kids and adults. The smaller portions make it easy to eat with your fingers, too. I always make a triple batch and freeze extra for busy mornings. It's easy to pop in the toaster to reheat & enjoy.  My kids & I love to dip the french toast sticks into honey, yogurt or syrup and then in granola or trail mix "because the honey / yogurt makes the nuts stick to it!"
Heat non stick pan. Spray with non stick spray.
Scramble 3 eggs (2 egg whites, 1 whole egg)
2 Tbs. milk
Options: honey, yogurt, syrup, trail mix, dried fruit, granola
Dip 1 slice sour dough in egg batter and brown both sides in pan. Cool. Slice toast into "fingers" almost to the crust.
This will keep the toast from sliding into the toaster when you reheat it. And it's fun for kids to pull apart. Store in air tight containers in freezer to reheat on busy mornings.
I keep the freezer stocked with Ready to Eat French Toast, protein rich edamame, portioned 2 minute brown rice and lean ground turkey
Serve alongside Fage greek yogurt and berries.

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