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Fit Fast Food?

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It's no wonder kids love fast food, they market "food" with toys. Let's put an end to childhood obesity.

Well, maybe not fit, but the best of the worst perhaps.  Okay so we've all been stuck in traffic without any healthy snacks. You're so hungry, you're shaking, dizzy, hypoglycemic. You see the Fast Food place and stop. What does a health minded person order? Here are the best of the worst picks:


Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich, plain with extra lettuce & tomato. Toss 1 of the buns. No sauce. No fries. No soda. Bottle of water or mix 50/50 with orange juice.

Baja Fresh:

(I actually eat here with the kids when I'm not stuck in traffic, just because it's healthy and yummy.) 1 grilled wahoo ala fish taco ala cart, ask for only 1 tortila or toss 1 of the tortillas since it comes with 2. (no beans or spanish rice), extra lettuce, avocado, no pico de gallo sauce. Water.


Breakfast on the go: Small low sodium turkey breast sandwich on 9 grain roll with extra veggies: lettuce, bell peppers, tomatoes, swiss cheese. Bottle of water and soy latte.  Snack / Mini Meal: Hummus, cheese and veggie plate & bottle of water.


Reduced fat turkey bacon egg sandwich on whole wheat english muffin, toss 1/2 the bacon. Green iced tea. Oatmeal with the trail mix and dried fruit.




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