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Feel Good Endorphins / Sex & Exercise

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Title: The Benefits of Sex and Exercise

Guest Editorial

We know that exercise is full of amazing health benefits. Whether you do it because you enjoy it or because you want to take care of yourself, you're guaranteed plenty of rewards that non-exercisers won't get. But as great as exercise makes us feel, is there anything else that is as enjoyable and simultaneously packed with benefits?

There sure is. It's sex my friends.

If you can't make it to the gym today, make time for sex instead because it has a lot of the same benefits as working out.


Having sex and working out both reduces the detrimental effects of stress because it helps you process through your current stress and be able to deal with it better in the future. This is partially because both activities help lower your blood pressure. Make sure to make time for both when you're really feeling the pressure and you'll find that you perform better.


Exercise and sex can help eliminate depression. When either activity is performed, the brain releases endorphins into your blood stream, which in turn make you happy. Next time you're sad, hit the bed or the gym and you'll instantly feel temporary relief. It's even been reported that regular sex or exercise coupled with depression medicine can help stave off depression entirely.

Better Sleep.

Oxytocin is released whenever you have sex or exercise. This chemical is responsible for that lovely dovey feeling you have after sex or that "I love the world" feeling after a great yoga class, but it also helps you sleep better. It's why you want to go to sleep right after having sex or sleep that much better on the days you worked out. It might be time to up your exercise and sex regime if you have problems sleeping at night.

Burns Calories.

This one is an obvious one, but an important one. Sex and working out can keep you in shape. The average gym session probably burns 400 calories, while an hour of sexual activity can also burn 300 calories. So no need to guilt trip yourself if you couldn't go to the gym that day, just have sex. Double up on both and see even better results or get some fun, ahem, "goodies" from Adam and Eve and you'll see your caloric output go way up.

Immunity Boost.

Working out will improve your body overall, whether it be better blood flow, less fat, better organ functioning and even better immunity. Sex can improve your immunity too. Having sex once or twice a week can give you higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA. This antibody can protect you from getting colds and other infections. So make sure you up your sexuality activity during flu season!

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