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Exercises: Lower Abs

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The best way to work the lower abs is to move the lower body, as opposed to crunches where you lift the upper body working the upper area of the abs.

Hanging leg or knee raises:

  • starting position: hang from a chin up bar, body still, no motion. Core tight.
  • the motion: lift your knees to your chest with little or no rocking of the body. contract your abs. hold a beat and return to starting position. repeat as many times as you can. work up to 25 reps., 5 sets
  • hanging leg raises-more advanced: from hanging position (as above) contract your abs and lift your legs straight up so that your upper body is in an "L" formation. contract your abs hard. hold a beat, return to starting position. 25 reps. 5 sets.

As always, consult a physician before starting this or any exercise program. Enjoy!


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