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Exercise: Shoulder Shockers

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Shoulder Shockers

Sculpt strong and sexy shoulders

Muscle groups: Anterior, lateral, posterior deltoids

Kiana Shoulder Shockers Tri Set 1200x

How to do Shoulder Shockers:

Do one rep of each move as a 3 part exercise

All 3 moves equal 1 repetition

Starting position: Stand with feet shoulder width, shoulders back and down, abs tight, knees slightly bent.  Hold weights in each hand.

The Move: Exhale as you raise the weights to shoulder level, palms facing downward.  Hold a beat and return to start.  Immediately raise the weights up to the front to shoulder level, palms inward.  Return to start.  Immediately lift the weights up and inward, elbows up - leading with the elbows. Hold a beat and return to start.

Do 15 reps or see how many you can do in 1 minute. This is a terrific free weight exercise to incorporate in to strength training circuits or HIIT that can be done at home or in the gym.

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