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Exercise: Barbell Dead Lifts

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Dead lifts: Why I love them: Because I feel so strong and powerful when I do them.  They strengthen the core stabilization muscles that we use in daily life: core, glutes, hamstrings.  A favorite closed chain exercise.

How to do them: Start with feet hip width.  Shoulders back and down, abs tight. Squat down and Grasp a barbell with opposite grips (one palm facing you the other outward). Look forward not down.

Deadlifts Pos 1 Kiana Tom  800x
The Move: From this position, exhale as you stand up, pushing thru the heels, keeping your back straight (do not round your shoulders). Keep you knees slightly bent at the top of the motion, push hips forward. Inhale as you return to starting position.

Deadlifts Pos 2 Kiana Tom 800x
Reps: Do 15 reps, 3 sets.  Great to do on leg day or full body workout day.

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