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Avoid Blogger’s Butt

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I truly believe that there is such thing as Blogger's Butt. or Blogger's Body.

Okay. You all know that I love being active. The other day I searched for a photo to use in a Blog on Meditation and I did not have 1 photo of me sitting still!

I move, walk, jog, run 99% of my day. My kids make fun of me because they have to beg me to "just sit down." It is so hard for me to sit down, I always want to be doing something. Then I jumped on this Blogging craze. Now I am sitting, sitting, sitting. I am sitting so much, I can't stand it!

I needed to find away to still blog for my readers but be my active self. I tried blogging while on our treadmill, exercise bike, you name it. Nothing worked. The laptop keeps falling off my lap while I am on the bike.

What does work is I set the timer to 30 minutes and get up every 30 minutes, do squats, jumping jacks and MOVE MY BODY!

Here is how you can avoid Blogger's Butt:

1. Get a Core Ball Chair. No I don't endorse this chair, I just love it. I bought one in black for the office and in purple for my home. All of my girlfriends and my immediate family have one. I am ordering my hubby one for the office for Christmas, too. The idea is that you are sitting on the fitness ball and are literally strengthening your core while you sit at your desk and type, work or blog. From a Fit Mom's POV, why not strengthen my midsection while I am blogging, right?
Plus you can get the kit and do arm exercises on it too!
AND, you can remove the ball altogether and Workout with Me on my NEW DAILY FITNESS VIDEO WORKOUTS (Coming Soon!) when we use the Ball!
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Click HERE or on IMAGE to Order your Core Ball for your desk! You can remove the Ball to Workout with Me in my daily workouts!

2. Set the timer as I mentioned above.

3. As you blog, lift one leg and then the other to engage the lower abs.

4. Raise your computer so that the screen is eye level so you aren't looking downward, using poor posture.

5. Sit with your back straight, shoulder blades pulled back and pressed down, contracting your butt muscles (glutes.)

So fellow bloggers, set your timers, sit up straight and be active. And please Fit Mom Readers, remember all the sedentary risks we bloggers take to post daily blogs for you. That's all for now!.

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