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Can’t Tone it? Tan it. How to Self Tan the Right Way…

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You're getting ready to wear your party dress - don't forget the sexy tanned, toned arms & legs.

Being tan makes your body look healthier, firmer and more toned.

I have been self tanning for years and love being tan year round for my professional and personal life.

For television or any event where you will have photographs taken such as a wedding, reunion, vacation, etc. it is best to self tan 2-3 of nights in a row.

Then the day of your event, apply a luminous bronzing cream on top to add sheen and depth so you don't look flat.  (See the scrolling tanning products below that I recommend.)

Tan Me

Here is how to do it right:

  • pick a time preferably right before bed
  • the key is to exfoliate in the shower first to remove dead skin. I use a loofah or textured body sponge
  • after you shower and exfoliate and dry off completely
  • put on the lotion evenly and then let it dry - 5 minutes or so
  • only apply a small amount on elbows, knees as it grabs more product
  • wash your hands or you will wake up with tan palms which isn't natural looking
  • put on old baggy sweats and hop into bed
  • ta da! You wake up tan. Easy!

I have tried EVERY tanning lotion, self tanning product and bronzer on the market.  I have put together my favorite self tanning products and bronzers (below) that I love to help you look healthy and as if you just returned from Maui, working out with me on the beach all day 🙂

Bronze Me:

If you want to bronze so you look tan, but it washes off this is how you do it: Put on your foundation and light powder to prevent streaking. Load bronzer onto brush and tap off excess. Apply to the areas the sun naturally hits: cheekbones, tip of nose, top of forehead, collar bones, top of shoulders. I like adding a pearl bronzer last for added sheen and luminosity.

Below are products I like for tanning, bronzing and to complement a tan, toned body. Enjoy!

Suggested Items:


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