Aloha Apple Pie
Aloha Apple Pie

Aloha Apple Pie No Sugar Added. Simple Ingredients. Organic Apples I rarely eat dessert, but when I do, it must have solid nutritional value.   That's one of the main reasons I love apple pie. Using fresh organic apples and no sugar, you can create a delicious dessert...

Kiana Tom Bikini Horseback
Pineapple Pony

Aloha! Riding 🍍Pineapple the horse 🐎 bareback on Makena Beach in Maui 🌴💪🏼☀️   True story: during the photo shoot Pineapple took off, running down the beach with me on him. No saddle. I’m holding his mane. We’re Jumping over rocks and ...

Kiana Tom quotes


the photo on the left was taken 25 years before the photo on the right. Without weight lifting I would not have the muscle I do now.
Reverse the Aging Process

Fitness is truly the Fountain of Youth Lose Fat!  Reverse the signs of aging with Exercise As we age, we lose appx. 1% of muscle per year.  Our bone strength weakens.   Our metabolism slows down.  We basically get softer, rounder and shorter. Yikes! To fight the aging...

Kiana Tom 15 Healthy Changes for you
15 Healthy Changes for Improved Health and Fitness

15 HEALTHY CHANGES FOR IMPROVED FITNESS 1. Eat breakfast that includes lean protein such as eggs, skinless boneless chicken breast, protein shake. Try my favorite right now, my Pineapple Kale Shake, it's amazing and so refreshing! Keep healthy snacks such as pre-packaged almonds, dried fruit, trail...

4 Week Flex HIIT Challenge

FLEX HIIT 4 Week Challenge Improve your health and fitness & get the body you really want! Just in! Take my Flex HIIT 4 Week Challenge! A complete step by step, 30 PAGE training program. Each Circuit is a full body workout, that hits all...

Kiana Tom Power Food Tip: Brussels sprouts
Fit Food: Benefits of Brussels Sprouts and Easy Recipe

Power Food Brussels Sprouts Protein, Vitamins A & C.  Potential health benefits include helping to fight cancer, improving bone health, managing diabetes and maintaining vision. Wow! What a wonderful SUPER FOOD! I make Brussels sprouts every week. I always choose foods that have the most nutrients and...

Our Fit Elf is always working out!
My Fit Elf

Do you and your family have an Elf on the Shelf? We have a Fit Elf who gets into all kinds of trouble when we go to sleep...

Have you tried my Coconut Sweet Potato recipe?

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu Aloha everyone! Here's what is going on at Kiana's Fit Kitchen for Thanksgiving...

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