Fit Kids Program

Aloha Fit Friends! 🏼 So excited to start my Fit Kids Program in the community in conjunction with the Presidential Youth Fitness.  During Kiana’s Flex Appeal I developed and led fit kids workouts on television when I filmed at Walt Disney World in Florida. I...

🏼Hey Fit Friends🏼What’s for dinner tonight? How about Asparagus with your meal? It’s Loaded with vitamins & antioxidants, it’s a brain boosting food, may help slow the aging process, reduces inflammation & can help fight cancer! Try it steamed, roasted, boiled or raw. #superfood #asparagus #vegetables #organic #fitfood #foodie #fitmom #mom #cook #eatclean #food #greens #bodybuilding #nutrition @kiana_tom_flexappeal_fitmomtv @kianabars @kianasegym-🏼100s of healthy recipes, busy mom workouts & fit tips at WWW.KIANA.COM & WWW.FITMOMTV.COM
🏼Do you pre plan your workouts or train as you go? I do both. If I’m training in my home gym, I have a very specific workout plan and stick to it. If I’m training in the gym that may be crowded, I’m more flexible because I do not like to wait for equipment. More often than not I will see what’s available and then create an entire work out based upon that. I like to keep moving with little downtime in between sets-I have an extensive home gym with many of the free weights used on Kiana’s flex appeal which makes it so much fun! Right now I am loving my FLEX HIIT workout programs which are a mix of strength training, core and cardio in a fast-paced high intensity interval format. I also do high & low reps strength training routines, a lot of compound exercises to hit multiple muscle groups in one move, every workout of mine includes core work and abdominal Exercises. For the past five years I have filmed my workouts and put them all online. I’ve also filmed 100s of exercises and tutorials demonstrating proper form and technique. I never do the same routine twice as I always change my workouts every time. This keeps your muscles guessing and helps to create a more well-rounded physique. Check it out at the #fitness #motivation #fitnessmotivation #fit #workout #muscle #exercise #getfit #kianatom #liftweights #gym #bodybuilding #KianasFlexAppeal @kianasegym @kianabars
Curious: How many glasses of water do you drink everyday? _____. 🏼 Here’s an easy way to drink more water. Infusion Bottles. I use my Infusion Bottles every day! Drinking more water helps flush toxins from your body & keeps you hydrated. Studies show most people don’t drink enough water.-🏼I Fill the infusion cartridge with my favorite fruit such as berries, 🍋 add cold water & Voila! Refreshing water with added nutrients, vitamins, natural flavor & natural color!-🏼Endless fruit / veg combos! I’m loving 🏼Pineapple & coconut water. Watermelon & mint . Lemons 🍋 with sparkling water. Frozen Mixed berries… so many!-2 styles available: Aloha (green) and Strong is Sexy (purple)-Get yours here: DETOX.KIANA.COM-Have a fit day! XO Kiana🏼 100s of workouts and live fitness classes now available online! Beginners to athletes! Follow along with weights! 🏼 free fit download KIANA BARS! Dark chocolate and peanut butter! 100% All Natural Whole Foods snack bars for the whole family! #fitness #detox #water #hydration #hydrate #infusion #drinkmorewater #beauty #skin #kianatom #nutrition #healthy #eatclean
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