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Get Your Sexy Back!

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The Best Feeling is When I workout as hard as I can. I feel physically exhausted and mentally refreshed. I am happy, destressed and love it! How bout you?

Thanks for your patience while I prepared this Week's Workout, it's a day late - we had computer glitches yesterday and could not upload it. But it's worth the wait! It's a terrific workout and I think you'll like it! Try and do this 3x this week:

This Week's Home Gym Workout is 12 min.

Here are the 4 exercises in this week's workout and the # of repetitions I did:

1. Sumo Squat Kicks: 12 / 10 / 8

2. Dead Lift / Row Combo: 13 / 10 / 11

3. Jack Jumps: 14 / 10 / 12

4. Side Side Push Ups: 11 / 12 / 9

Do this workout 3x per week. Always use strict & proper form. Keep track of the # of repetitions you do so that you can see how much stronger you are getting. Post your # reps in the comments section of the Blogs. Consult a physician before starting this or any exercise program.

Beginners: Start off with the more basic form of the exercises below and work your way up to the above exercises.

Your Feedback is important! What body part would you like to train next? Fat burning? Abs? Chest / Back Supersets? Shoulders & Arms? Butt? Post your Home Gym Wish List in the comments section below.

Hope you enjoy the workout - I did! In health, Kiana

Post your repetitions in the comments.

What muscle groups do you want to train next?

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“Get Your Sexy Back!”

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