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eGym: Arms Abs A** Workout Breakdown

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What an awesome, challenging and fun workout in the eGym yesterday!  This week we are focusing on Abs, Arms and Butt.  Do my workouts along with me and get into Flex Appeal or Fit Mom shape fast!  To further the real gym experience only, there are back up participants sweating along with you reaching their fitness goals too!

Here is the Workout Breakdown:


  1. Feet Punch Jacks
  2. Low Squat Low Punch
  3. Sunburst Squats
  4. Super Side Kicks


  1. Side Raises / Pulse
  2. Bent over Rows / Kickbacks
  3. Curls


  1. Hip bridge Hula Twist combo
  2. Pretty in Pike
  3. Crab Kicks

CLICK HERE to Watch the video

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