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4 Effortless Ways to Cut Calories & 2 Solutions to Losing Weight

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2 Solutions to Lose weight:

1. Eat less calories than you burn. OR

2. Burn more calories than you eat.

Here are 4 ways to easily cut calories without changing what you eat:

Ditch the Fork. Eat with Chopsticks.

WHY? You will eat smaller bites and your stomach will have more time to tell your brain that you are full. Most people gobble, gulp or shovel their food in so fast that they end up feeling "stuffed!" This is because your brain didn't get the message until too late that you are full. Studies show it takes about 20 minutes for your tummy to tell your mind you are full and to stop eating. So, eat more slowly, take smaller bites. It's better for your waistline and your digestive system.

PLUS: Growing up we always ate with chopsticks. Our meals were mainly small amounts of meat, lots of veggies and rice. All of my relatives are slim, not overweight. Hmmm.

Drink Up. Drink a BIG glass of water before EVERY meal.

WHY? You will feel fuller and therefore eat less.

PLUS: Despite the fact that many times when we think we are hungry, we are really just thirsty. Studies show that most people do NOT drink enough water and are chronically dehydrated. Do you have dry lips? Dry skin? Could be you need to drink more water and hydrate from the inside.

TIP: Room temperature water is easier to drink than ice cold.

Be a Lefty.

Eat with your other hand. If you're right handed, eat with your left. If you're left handed, eat with your right.

WHY? You will eat more slowly for obvious reasons.

PLUS: You will develop better coordination and soon be ambidextrous.

Size Matters. Use Salad Plates.

Store the dinner plates. I always, always, always use small plates such as salad plates, bread & butter plates or dessert plates for every meal.

WHY? The smaller plate means smaller portions. This is an easy fix to "putting to much on your plate."

PLUS: I have my whole family do this. My kids do this automatically. They always ask why the plates (and portions) are SO BIG at restaurants. Truth is, the serving sizes are usually double or triple a standard serving size of protein & carbohydrates. Yikes!

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