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3 Lifestyle Changes to Help Reduce Belly Fat

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You workout 4-5 times per week. You try and eat healthfully, watch the sugar intake and stick to fresh foods & lean protein. Why do you still have belly fat?

Here are 3 Tips that may help you:

1. Join me for my Challenging Interval Workouts: Customize your workouts to fight belly fat. Interval training is one of the best and fastest ways to burn visceral fat.  Aim for 10 - 20% of cardio time doing high intensity bursts of exercise such as high knees jump roping, knee tucks,  squat jumps, split jumps or sprinting.  An example of walking / running interval workout would be:  After you warm up / walk, start to run to about 8 or 9 on a scale of 1-10 for about 1 1 /2 minutes.  Slow down to 50% of that after you've caught your breathe and recovered; then do it again. Beginners start with 4 rounds. Goal: 8 rounds. PRO Members can access all the Interval Workouts here.

To help you reduce fat and improve your overall fitness level, I lead expert Interval Workouts, Strength Training Circuits and more every MWF online on my website. Live classes are free, but if you can't make a live workout, join my Pro eGym Membership and watch the recorded version anytime and access 100's of videos, tutorials and get food planning, too! It's awesome and I hope you will try it.

2.  Increase Core Strength: As you age, the core muscles weaken: Ribs seem to deflate as the upper body "hunches" forward causing the belly to push out.  Try doing a variety of abdominal / core exercises: a)  lie on your back and pedal a make - believe bicycle.  b) Do Plank Jacks to strengthen the core and get a little extra cardio too. c) Core Squats / Lunges:  hold a weight at core level and do lunges or squats. Holding the weight forces your core muscles to contract to stabilize your body as you go through the motion. PRO Members can access hundreds of exercise tutorials and the ABS & CORE Videos here.

3. Eat. Eat Healthy Foods that consist of 5-6 Mini Meals or Healthy Snacks per day. Never let yourself to starve. This trigger's your body's starvation mode or fasting and starts storing more fat instead of burning them.  I always keep trail mix, almonds, dried fruit (sulfate free), apples, bottled water, protein bars in my car, gym bag and purse.  Check out my ever growing library of Healthy Recipes on my Fit Cooking eblog.


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