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20+ Exercises You Can Do at the Office / Take an Exercise Break

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Aloha! Do you work in an office? Corporate Office? Home office? Chances are you sit at a desk most of the day.

Well, forget the coffee break, it's time for an EXERCISE BREAK!


I see you! You are sitting at your desk....hours have gone by and you haven't gotten up. New studies now show that even if you exercise regularly, prolonged sitting is bad for your health. The American Cancer Society (and moi, Kiana Tom) are sounding the alarm on "TOO MUCH SITTING!"

Think about it: we sit in traffic in our cars, sit at our desk, sit in more traffic, sit to eat.

My Fit Fix is that I set my iPhone to go off every and hour and do 5 minutes of stretching or exercises.


When the alarm goes off, I get up and do 5 minutes of my Office Exercises. Body weight exercises are ideal for the office. So are exercises using light portable equipment or even books or a briefcase.

Spread out your exercise throughout the day if you will be sitting for a long time. 


20+ Office Exercises 

Gear: Use books, water bottles, brief case, heavy purse, office furniture: desk, chair, file cabinets, open areas.  I keep dumbbells on my office desk and use them as paper weights. Makes for easy arm curls while on the phone, too!

  1. Neck Stretches
  2. Desk or Counter Push Ups
  3. Floor Push Ups
  4. Shoulder Presses with Books or Water Bottles
  5. Knee Tucks on chair
  6. Squat with Briefcase
  7. Curls while you are on the phone (burns more calories standing up, too!)
  8. Side Kicks
  9. Side Raises with Books
  10. Front Raises with Books
  11. Kickbacks for the Triceps
  12. Side Raises / 1 Arm
  13. Side Raises / 2 Arms
  14. Dips Standard
  15. Dips 1 Leg
  16. Dips Straight Legs
  17. Reach and Kick
  18. Push ups
  19. Donkey Kicks
  20. Briefcase Rows and Squat
  21. Briefcase Shrug
  22. Briefcase Squats
  23. Calf Raise
  24. 1 leg Knee Tuck and Kick
  25. Back Leg Kicks
  26. Reverse Lunge with Leg up on office chair


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