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10 Reasons To Make Your Own Home Gym & What You Need

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One of the most popular segments on my television show, "Kiana's Flex Appeal" is the "Home Gym Workouts" I created. I believe that fitness should be simple, fun and easily accessible. That's why I created the Home Gym Segments.  I have hand selected some of my favorite Home Gym Gear on the market to take the guess work out of it for you. Check it out.

There are so many reasons to train at home:

  • It's convenient. You don't have to drive to and from the gym.
  • Save $. Once you buy the fitness equipment, you have it. Great investment for your health. No monthly gym memberships.
  • 24/7. You Home Gym never closes.
  • No interruptions. No one will be there to talk and talk and talk and interrupt your flow or workout.
  • No baby sitter / day care needed.  Kids are with you at home.
  • No funky smells. Ever trained in the gym next to someone wearing a few bottles of after shave or cologne or worse? Yikes.
  • Clean(er). No icky germs from strangers sweating on the equipment. (Can you tell I'm a germ-a-phobe?)
  • Convenient. You are close to the after workout shower and can easily make a protein shake.
  • Multi Task. You can watch your favorite television show, have a load of laundry in, the dish washer going, the kids napping, I've even worn headsets while I rode the stationary bike while on a business call. Just be sure and tell them you're exercising or they'll wonder why you're breathing so heavy 🙂
  • Cumulative. You can easily workout for 15 minutes throughout the day. It all adds up! It may be hard to grab 45 minutes to workout, but you can probably grab 15 min. throughout the day. Do 15 minutes of strength training in the morning, 15 minutes of cardio in the afternoon and 15 minutes of abs / core at night. = 45 minute workout.

I have 2 Home Gyms:

One is inside my home and the other is outside under a covered patio. I actually prefer training outdoors in the fresh air where I can see the ocean and feel the cool breeze. You can set up your home gym anywhere that you want: garage, living room, bedroom, patio, office.

Here is the Gear you need to make your own HOME GYM:

  1. Free Weights: to increase lean muscle and get stronger.
  2. Cardio Speed Balls or a Jump Rope: to lose fat, get lean and strengthen the most important muscle in your body...your heart.
  3. Longer Fitness Band: to strengthen your Shoulders & Arms & Legs.
  4. Short Fitness Band: to strengthen your Larger Muscle Groups such as your chest and back.
  5. Interval Timer: to keep you on track so you can focus on the exercise(s) instead of counting reps or keeping track of the time.
  6. Fitness Plan: You need to know what exercises to do and know what order to do them.  Get a Written Routine(s) for Your Fitness Level. I have them for all levels: beginner to advanced. All written plans have hyperlinks to a video tutorial of the exercise(s) on your Fitness Plan.


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  • I love GOING to the gym, or running outside, or going for bike rides. But living in Oregon the weather gets nasty in the winter and I head inside. Whenever I work out at home I use the Nike Training Club app on my phone. It’s free and GREAT! Really good examples of exercises. My boyfriend doesn’t belong to a gym at all and just does the bike or kettlebell workouts.

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