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You know you’re getting into shape when…

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You know you’re getting into shape when…

  1. Feeling sore after a workout feels good
  2. You are happier
  3. You crave healthy food
  4. Your healthy habits start to influence others
  5. You train what isn't sore from your workout the day before
  6. You start reading the nutritional breakdowns at the grocery store
  7. You stop grabbing candy n chips at the checkout stand
  8. You start doing a little extra workouts in front of the tv
  9. Your clothes are loose
  10. You sleep really well
  11. You can think more clearly
  12. You get tipsy off 1/2 glass of wine or beer
  13. You start looking forward to working out
  14. You actually miss working out on days you skipped it
  15. People start asking you if youve lost weight
  16. The whites of your eyes are clearer
  17. Your face and skin looks and feels tighter and smoother
  18. You swear you look younger
  19. You find yourself singing in the car
  20. People seem nicer to you
  21. You start taking 2-3 stairs at a time
  22. You become impatient on an elevator; you know you could have been faster taking the stairs
  23. You get grossed out at restaurants when you see what some people eat
  24. You can't believe what people have in their grocery carts
  25. You start shopping the perimeter of the grocery stores - fresh foods
  26. You start trying new sports
  27. There are more fresh vegetables in your refrigerator than before
  28. You start cooking more
  29. You prefer to eat at home where you can control the way your food is prepped and cooked
  30. You love the taste of water
  31. You get bored sitting still
  32. You already know all the exercises on YouTube (but not at my Kiana's Online Gym where I design a brand new workout for my members each time! He he 🙂
  33. You wear workout clothes most of the time
  34. You are more active on the weekends
  35. You are more active with the kids
  36. You start ordering the same thing at restaurants
  37. You have a hard time ordering off menus
  38. When you do order off the menu, you always make changes the items you order (dressing on the side, no mayo, light sauce)
  39. You become a walking pantry and carry enough snacks to live on for a week
  40. You are constantly offering snacks to grumpy family members
  41. Your office desk is loaded with protein bars and packages of nuts
  42. You pre-plan your workout as you drive to the gym or while lying in bed
  43. It makes you mad when people sit on a machine reading the paper
  44. You can feel your muscles contract when you laugh
  45. While in Paris, the irate chef at a fancy French restaurant comes out of the kitchen to tell you "ze fish has to have ze creamy white sauce or ze dish vil be ruined!" ... and you still order it grilled plain with lemon only -  (or maybe that's just me :P)



You know you’re getting into shape when…


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  • aloha Fit Mom LOVE that list 🙂 some of even apply ta me, i aint as dedicated as u But ur inspiration definately helps aloha KT hb

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