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Workouts: Strong Arms

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Stronger Arms: Functional and Beautiful for both Men and Women: I have written thousands of workout routines for my television series, "Kiana's Flex Appeal." One of the favorite routines for both men and women is all about developing stronger, more toned arms. A common myth is that women shouldn't train with heavy weights. I am a firm believer that women should train with weights heavy enough to give resistance for their muscles to improve and get stronger. (Tip: Choose the correct weight: Your maximum weight or heaviest you should lift is 65% of your 1 repetition maximum. i.e., if you can only curl 25 lbs. 1 time, than you should start with 65% or 15 lbs. weight.)

Women simply do not genetically have the testosterone necessary to build naturally, huge muscles like men. I lift heavy weights, I love how strong I feel and how it empowers me to see just how strong I am. With that said, here is the Biceps/Triceps workout. As a busy mom, I prefer efficient workouts, incorporating exercises that hit multiple muscle groups at once for added benefits, that can be done in less than 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Stronger Biceps and Triceps:

  • 15 reps. each motion
  • 1-2 sets beginners
  • 3-4 sets everyone else

EZ Bar Curls: grasp an ez curl bar at a slighter wider than shoulder width with both hands, feet wider than shoulder width apart, knees soft, core tight. keeping the elbows in a fixed position, curl the weight up, hold a beat and return to starting position. Repeat 15 times. Tip: performing curls standing works your core more so as opposed to doing the movement in a seated position. This exercise can also be done on a preacher curl bench as shown in the outtake to the left. Tip 2: Every time you train, work your muscles from different angles using different equipment and different machines or free weights. You will keep your muscles guessing and get faster results.

Close Grip Triceps Bench: using the same ez curl type bar, but lighter, lie flat on a bench, feet on the floor or up on the bench. Beginners, feet on the floor for added stability. grasp the bar so that your forearms are parallel to each other. raise the bar over your chest, keeping the elbows tight into the body, slowly lower the bar to the mid chest area. feel the contraction of the triceps muscles (the muscle in the back of the upper arm area), press the weight up and return to starting position. Repeat 15 reps.

Cable Curls: stand facing the cable machine. I like using the rope attachment as it creates a nice look in the bicep muscle. feet shoulder width, knees slightly bent, core tight. curl the weight up, exhale upon exertion. spread the rope handles apart at the top of the motion to completely contract the biceps. return to starting position. repeat 15 times.

Dips: i love dips because you can do them at home or the gym or even in a hotel room. using a chair or bench, support your body with your palms facing backward on the edge of a chair or bench. knees bent, upper/lower legs at ninety degree angle, arms straight. core tight. head in neutral position facing forward. slowly lower your body down, so that your butt is forward off the chair/bench, feeling the stretch in the muscles of the back of the upper arm (triceps muscles), elbows going back to out. push back up to starting position, feeling the muscles contract. repeat 10-15 times.

Consult a physician before starting this or any exercise routine.

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