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Workout: Tips: Core Tricks

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I love tips and tricks that can easily be done throughout the day. Better yet, here are my favorite tricks to do while you are working out. It doesn't require any more time, but will give you faster results.  Since you are "changing up" your regular exercises and routines, you are making your core work harder and more efficiently.

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Focus on each and every exercise you are doing. Visualize your muscles literally contracting and releasing with every rep. Concentrate on feeling the muscles work from your "nose to your toes."

Close your eyes when you do abdominal floor or fitness ball exercises. Visualize your abs contract and release and focus on your abs doing all the work-not your arms.

Hold a heavier dumbbell in one hand when doing strength training exercises like side raises, shoulder presses and biceps curls. The instability will naturally cause your mid section and core to work harder to keep your body balanced.

Perform standing exercises on 1 leg as opposed to both legs. Maintaining your balance will strengthen the muscles in your calves, hamstrings, glutes and abs more so than with both feet on the ground.

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