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Today’s Workout: Chest and Triceps

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stronger muscles now.  train your chest & triceps.
I love to train two complementary body parts. Chest and triceps go well together since one of the secondary muscle group(s) utilized when training chest are the triceps.

Here is the workout: Enjoy!


  • flat bench press. i use the Olympic bar, you can also use a lighter barbell, dumbbells, light hand weights found in a local sporting good store.
  • dips. i like to do as many as i can x 3 sets. perform the exercise slowly, exhaling upon exertion.
  • pec dec. i enjoy doing these 1 arm at a time. besure and set the machine for your specific limited range of motion to protect the shoulder. concentrate and focus on feeling the muscle stretch and contract. slowly.
  • push ups. finish off with push ups. because you are using your own body weight, it's safest to do these at the end of your chest workout as opposed to a weighted exercise. do as many as you can to get to the full pump.


  • rope pull downs. pyramid your sets, start light and in the middle of the sets your heaviest weight, finish light.
  • kick backs. a terrific toning exercise. limited or no rocking of the body.
  • close hand push ups. after the above chest workout and triceps exercises, this is an awesome finishing motion.

Consult a physician before starting this or any exercise program.


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