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D.O.M.S.? 3 Ways to Ease Muscle Soreness the Natural Way

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The best way to get into shape fast is to keep your muscles guessing. I have led thousands of workouts for my show "Kiana's Flex Appeal" ESPN and I always teach to "change up something about your workout EACH and EVERY time you train."  This way your muscles don't know what's coming and you avoid hitting a plateau (plateau means you stop seeing results.)

The thing to remember is that when you do change up your workouts, you will be a little more sore. If you drastically change up the amount of weight you use and the intensity of your workouts, you will be alot more sore. If you move your body in a new way...+++sore. You get the picture.

Being sore is not a bad thing. I actually love feeling a little sore all the time. I know I am using my muscles in a new way and I love the way I can really feel my muscles all the time.


Ever notice after a super challenging or brand new workout, you aren't sore? Then...2 days later...BOOM! You are so sore you can barely get out of bed, go up the stairs, get in your car? Why is that? Studies show that it's Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS.   This occurs whenever you do a different exercise or sport that challenges your muscles in a different way.


When you do new exercises, you create microscopic damage to the tissue that actually helps build stronger lean muscle.  Your army of white blood cells jump in to fix things up.   While this is happening, chemicals are released that set of pain receptors that hits the highest in 3 days (which is why you are more sore a few days later, instead of the very next day.)

Do not reach for over the counter pain reliever because you could slow the or blunt your body's ability to rebuild muscle. Instead, try this:

  1. Be active: You may feel like doing nothing except surfing the web or channel surfing. However, to feel better fast, go for a walk, jog, bike.  Increased blood flow will help you to feel better fast. I love to go to the beach and do slow strength moves, deep breathing and long stretches; then go for a walk in the soft sand.
  2. Take a hot bath or soak in the jacuzzi. Add bath salts which can reduce inflammation.
  3. Spa: Get a massage.


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  • Also try Tonic Water (no gin or vodka) and if you don’t like the taste you can mix it with Orange juice or Grape juice. It’s the Quinine that helps

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