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What’s in my Fit Mom Purse?

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Here is what is in my purse:
  • Raw almonds and dried cranberries. Healthy snacking is key to preventing junk food binging. I snack all day, never let myself or my family get "starving."
  • Sugar Lip Balm: Love Love it. Unlike any other lip balm. Velvety and slightly plum colored. Truly makes my lips soft in 1 use, not waxy. Just don't leave it in the hot car..melts. $22.
  • Sugar free gum. In Chinese, there is a saying, "Hon How," or "itchy mouth." Sometimes you just want something in your mouth but aren't really hungry. I've found chewing gum satisfies my sweet tooth and keeps my kids busy for 5 minutes.
  • Custom crocodile wallet and check book. A fabulous custom made gift from my hubby. He designed it and had it made for our anniversary. Special love note embossed inside. Aww.
  • Guerlane Bronzer. Love it. Used it for years while on TV. Looks like natural sun on your face and shoulders. Not orangey.
  • Philosophy dual blush/bronzer. Silky and saves space: 2 in 1.
  • FitMomTV Pens. Useful giveaways. I tested dozens of pens and picked this one, I love the way it writes.
  • Trish McCovey brush set. Lots in a mini pink leather pack.
  • Apricot Vanilla parfume. Natural scents and oils. Nothing fake.  Found out about this from Nicole Kidman. I only use this and Issay Miyake perfume. Any other perfumes give me a headache.
  • Blackberry to check email, take photos and videos of my kids. I carry an iPhone too, but was using it to take the picture
  • Hair clip and hair band. I start the day with my hair down and it always ends up out of my face.
  • Stevia packs. Natural plant extract sweetner, when I need something sweet I add it to my coffee.
  • Wisp toothbrushes. Preloaded with toothpaste. Great for mid day freshner or before meetings.
black fit mom shirt
Purse: Isabella Fiore


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