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Members are getting amazing results with Kiana's Online Training Gym.  Look at these transformations and read inspiring testimonials. Members access LIVE HD workouts just as if they were joining Kiana for a personal training session or invigorating group fitness class.  Kiana is the 1st television celebrity trainer to provide a digital platform featuring live HD workouts in real time of actual class formats and training sessions. Follow the live workout schedule to stay on track or train at your own pace by browsing our extensive 500+ video library. Log on wherever in the world you live using your internet connection from your PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device. Log on. Get super fit.

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Vikki-Winters-4Months-2x week

Vikki Mom of 2- Lost weight, lost body fat, sculpted beautiful arms and legs

Vena: lost body fat, tightened and toned all over! Took control of her life, feeling strong and empowered!


Rachel - Mom - lost weight, reduced body fat, lost inches off her hips and tummy. Looking fit and sexy!

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