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Touching letter from a Facebook fan

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Fans of Kiana Tom tell us they named their daughter(s) after Kiana.  "It's an honor and one of the highest complements 🙂  I love the photos they send to me of their daughters. I've met little Kiana's all over the world during my travels.


In 1993, I was 18 years old, I was always in great shape, then I met a boy, which now is my Husband, I got pregnant, feeling a little lost, fat, not myself, I would watch your show in the early 90's .. You had such a drive, very positive, happy and are so beautiful. So I would watch you every morning, try and do the exercises, while being pregnant..and thought I would love to name my Daughter after you, so I had a girl 20 years ago and Her name is Kiana.. I am sharing this with you because you are a great role model and Iam proud that I got to name my Daughter after someone who inspires me.. She's beautiful, smart and has a drive like you. Thanks for listening take care and God bless

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