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Today’s Workout: Outdoor or Home Gym Workout

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It's a beautiful sunny day in California today. Perfect day for a beach (or home) workout. On warm days when the sun is shining, I'd much rather workout outdoors instead of inside the gym. Here is today's workout:

Total body warm up:

15 minutes light stretch and jumping jacks / jog in place. Get your body ready to workout.

I love jumping rope; it's convenient to do anywhere and is a fast way to increase your heart rate and burn calories.

Chest / Shoulders / Triceps / Core:

Push Ups

I love push ups! They tighten your core, increase strength in the chest and arms.

Back / Rear Delts:

Bent Over Row / Fly Combo

Bent over rows and back flys are an easy way to strengthen the back and increase definition.


Concentration Curls

Concentration curls develop the peak area of the bicep and make it look bigger!

Shoulders: Side Raises

Side raises are my favorite shoulder exercise! They increase muscularity and give you sexy melon shaped delts!

Abs / Obliques: Cross Body Crunches

Hit the mid section from different angles. Cross Body Crunch: Knee to opposite elbow; both sides.

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