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Tips: What does Kiana order at restaurants?

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"If you don't love it, don't put it into your mouth."

Top Google Kiana searches found thousands of you want to know, "What does Kiana eat at restaurants?" 

Here is your answer:

3 Kiana Rules to eating out:

1. Grilled
2. steamed
3. everything on the side

"Eating at restaurants is no excuse to fall off the Fitness Wagon. It just takes a little knowledge and time to ask for the foods to be prepared exactly how you want."

  • Order all dressings, sauces, gravy, dips ON THE SIDE. You don't want the zillion calories poured over your foods. You want to enjoy the taste of the natural foods and NOT eat extra calories you don't enjoy.
  • I order my salad or a veggie and dip appetizer if I am starving. Avoid filling up on the high carb bread basket and butter. I will however enjoy my favorite breads such as crunchy, hot sourdough bread. But, I'll eat the crust which has fewer calories and is alot more delicious to me. Butter sparingly.
  • Be picky. My Motto: "If you don't LOVE it, don't put it in your mouth. Don't waste your taste buds "just eating something that you could take it or leave it."  Pick your foods carefully and truly enjoy the foods you LOVE. Indulge wisely.

Here is what I would order for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at any restaurant:"


  • ask what the fresh fruit is: if it doesn't look beautiful and fresh-don't eat it. ask for a banana or freshly cut melon.
  • scrambled egg whites, no oil (non stick spray)
  • If they don't do egg whites, ask for poached, basted or hard boiled eggs. eat egg whites only.
  • SMALL handful of cheese (restaurant portions are usually 2-3 servings)
  • dry (no butter) rye, wheat, multi grain or sourdough toast (in that order of availability)
  • ask for the butter and jams on the side
  • Pancakes? They usually come in HUGE 3 stacks. Order the kids mini size NO BUTTER. Add you own sparingly.
  • Or share a serving of adult portions, or put 2/3 of it in a to-go container before you start eating.
  • Bacon? eat a bite or two
  • Sausage-no way
  • coffee
  • small orange juice


  • Grilled chicken on brown rice with steamed veggies, fresh fish, salad with chicken breast, sushi, albacore tuna sandwich. (Tip: at home use non fat plain yogurt instead of mayo when u make your tuna sandwich. Cannot tell the difference and much less fat and more protein.)
  • Basically, I eat a smaller version of my dinner.
  • Sandwich place? ask if turkey meat is FRESHLY ROASTED (aka Thanksgiving roasted turkey-NOT processed/packaged deli meat loaded with salt and nitrates.)
  • If it is: Rye, wheat, multi grain or sourdough bread, 1 slice swiss, lots of lettuce and tomato, sprouts, cucumber, all veggies.
  • baked chips or side salad
  • fruit
  • bottled water
  • bite of one of my daughter's cookie


  • Poached salmon, grilled chicken, lean filet, grilled halibut, sushi
  • brown rice, baked sweet potato or yam
  • steamed veggies: i love asparagus, broccoli, squash, artichoke, corn on the cob, fresh leafy spinach
  • salad loaded with textures: diced veggies, nuts, fruit. ALWAYS dressing on the side (I dip my fork into the dressing and then into the salad, instead of pouring dressing all over the salad. Because my lips touch the fork, I actually taste more dressing and use 99% less dressing.) Try it.
  • STAY AWAY FROM: anything fried. period. Never order Fettucini Alfredo-we call that "heart attack on a plate" in my family.

Dessert? Fact: If you share 1 small dessert with everyone at the table, the calories disappear.

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